Draft Geek Rankings Recap

For the purpose of this analysis I took every WHL team and tried to rate how they did on Bantam Draft Day based on the resident scouting team, Draft Geek’s rankings of players. For example, if a team took the 10th, 20th and 45th ranked players their total would be 75, divided by 3 (players) for an average rating of 25.

We won’t call this a scientific report, it’s just intrigued us to see which teams may have had the best day based on the rankings put out by the Draft Geek Team.

This report is not to degrade teams who had a lower rating because they may have taken some players who were off the board but will turn out to be solid players. The true results of this analysis won’t be known for years to come.

This report is not to be critical of Draft Geek who have some players selected higher and lower than they predicted.

I’m sure if we took all 22 WHL teams pre-draft rankings we would have 22 very different ratings.

That being said, there were a few challenges in this adventure. Goalies were separate from the players rankings, so the 6th ranked goalie could be selected in the 3rd round were the average player ranking could be in the 50’s.

Plus there was a separate category for U.S. players.

So I decided if a player was not ranked I gave them a 200, if a goalie was not ranked I gave them a 21, if they were in the U.S. category they got a 50.

Based on this very unscientific just for fun analysis here are the rankings of who could have had the best Draft Day.

Vancouver – 59.4

Prince Albert – 65.4

Swift Current – 72.1

Kootenay – 74.4

Edmonton – 74.4

Brandon – 88.1

Saskatoon – 89.9

Medicine Hat – 108.4

Average – 109

Seattle – 116.6

Red Deer – 116.8

Everett – 119.2

Kamloops – 120.7

Kelowna – 124.2

Victoria – 125.1

Spokane – 125.2

Portland – 125.2

Calgary – 126

Lethbridge 126

Moose Jaw – 133.2

Tri City – 137.6

Prince George – 138.4

Regina – 147.4