Edward “Paul” Figler

Co-Founder of WHLStats.ca and DUBnetwork.ca, Paul is a student of the WHL statistics game. Paul has graduated from the business management program at Red Deer College and is now enrolled in Athabasca University. It is his hope to eventually move into the Business of Hockey Program at AU. Paul has created this site to allow everyone access to more in depth statistical information not available elsewhere.

Paul has a large family with biological 4 year old twins and 8 and 11 year old step-sons. Paul lives in Red Deer with his girlfriend Shellie. In his spare time Paul reads a ton of hockey books as well as surfing the internet for “more information”. You’ll almost always see Paul with a Tim Horton’s in his hand.

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Email: p.figler@dubnetwork.ca Website: Figler Files


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