Royals fans discuss upcoming season

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The Victoria Royals completed their 2017 training camp last week and the DUBNetwork caught up with a few longtime Royals fans to ask their opinions on the upcoming season. Royals season ticket holders Nicolas Narmandeau, Lesley Davies, Miles Ostler and Robin Poirier discussed the coaching changes, who would become the team’s leader and where the Royals would finish in their division.

DUBNetwork: First off, let’s talk about the coaching change. What do you think regarding new head coach Dan Price taking over for Dave Lowry?

Lesley: I don’t know much about him. We didn’t see much of him last year, his first year. Hopefully it will be a continuation of winning.

Nicolas: I think it will be a real change from Lowry.

Miles: One thing about Lowry, he could be fiery. I remember a time when we were in Spokane, and the place was dead quiet. After a disputed call, as the ref skates away Lowry yells “I know you can hear me!”.

DUBNetwork: What about this year’s schedule. There seems to be less weekday home games this year.

Lesley: Very thrilled about the new schedule. Just from a turnout perspective, it’s really hard on the guys when they sit here and see like a thousand people on a Tuesday. This barn rocks when it’s full, even half full.

Robin: Three thousand plus this place really starts cooking!

DUBNetwork: Who do you feel will be the captain this year?

Robin: I would say Chaz Reddekopp.

Nicolas: Possibly Regan Nagy. He’s vocal enough.

Lesley: Chaz is due. But I don’t think he will come back from the Los Angeles Kings or AHL this year. I want him too, but I think he’s ready to jump to the next level. I follow the Ontario Reign as well, and they seem ready for him as well.

Miles: It doesn’t hurt having Lowry as part of the Kings organization either.

DUBNetwork: We are here watching training camp scrimmages, anything standing out?

Nicolas: Noah Lamb on defence. Watching him he’s definitely a two-way player, up and down the ice.

Lesley: Seems like we are going “big” again with our prospects.

Robin: We’ve had a lot of mid-sized, even small guys. It would be good to have some big guys.

Miles: I would like to see the “small and tall” show again. The little guy who can run between legs, and the big guy who can make people go away.

Robin: We need the speed though.

DUBNetwork: Will Matthew Phillips hit fifty goals again this season?

Robin: I wouldn’t be surprised

Lesley: Maybe not quite fifty, but not too shabby either.

Miles: I think it depends on who feeds him the puck. If he has a couple of good guys behind him, he can do fifty no problem.

DUBNetwork: Does Griffen Outhouse play a lot of games again this season, or a more balanced playing time?

Nicolas: If he’s healthy he plays a lot.

Miles: He’ll be the man. He’s an ironman. The question is who does he share the time with. Does Dylan Myskiw come back, or does he play with someone else, and how many games does that backup see? I’m not sure.

DUBNetwork: Finally, where do you see the Royals finishing in the BC Division?

Lesley: Middle to top of the division. They can still make the playoffs.

Miles: I think it will be much like last year, competing every night and middle of the division.

Robin: Playoffs for sure.



Ryan Sinclair

Following the Victoria Royals since their first game in 2011, and witnessed the last season of the Victoria Cougars in 1994 at the old Memorial Arena. A Northern Manitoba transplant now fortunate to call Vancouver Island home. Follow me @RyanSinVic