World Junior Summer Showcase: Day three, Cutdowns

On Wednesday, both Canada and USA were expected to announce their ‘cuts’ to form the team that will play the remaining 3 games. While this isn’t the end all be all in terms of making the final World Junior roster in December, it’s a pretty good indication of what the coaching staff and management are thinking. On Thursday, The newly formed Team USA will take on Sweden at 1PM PDT on TSN.

USA Cuts


  • Max Gildon
  • Tom Miller
  • David Farrance
  • Josh Ess
  • Alec Regula


  • Curtis Hall
  • Cole Coskey
  • Ivan Lodnia
  • Jake Wise
  • Jacob McGrew (Spokane)
  • Brandon Kruse
  • Logan Hutsko
  • Jon Gruden

No goalie was cut from the United States.


By 10:00PM Wednesday night Canada hadn’t released their cut downs, When they do, this post will be updated. The newly formed Canada squad will face Finland at 6PM PDT, Thursday on TSN. DUBNetwork will be in attendance for this game.

UPDATE: 2:40PM, Thursday August 2nd.

Canada won’t be making cuts until after their game on Friday, which is to say, they will likely field a split squad team tonight, and again on Friday, and then more of true team on Saturday.



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