Get to know the Portland Winterhawks: Goal Songs

The Portland Winterhawks are near the end of the their 2018-2019 season and are in full preparation for the playoffs. Portland is set for a rematch from last year as they will play the Spokane Chiefs in the first round.

Earlier this year I asked the players about their pre game rituals or superstitions as a way to “get to know the Winterhawks.” If you missed that article, or want to read it again, click here.

Entering the final week of the regular season, every Winterhawks player answered another light-hearted question:

“What would your goal song be if you could pick your own?”

Now before any of the longtime Winterhawks fans message me about trying to change the goal song, by no means is that in play. This is simply a fun, “what if” exercise.

Hearing AC/DC’s “TNT” played after a goal is a tradition cemented in Portland. Just ask any of the alumni, current and former opposing players, as well as several Winterhawks now.

In fact, many of the players were reluctant to answer the question, and one was so passionate he did not give his own song. 

*Full disclaimer, not all songs are clean, but the videos I’ve provided are the “cleanest” available.

There was an overwhelming favorite among this year’s players as Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That” received six votes. I present without further comment:

So now, in numerical order, “get to know” the Winterhawks beyond just what they do on the ice:

#1 Shane Farkas –  Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That”

#2 Kade Nolan – Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That”

#3 Nick Perna – Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That”

#5 Matthew Quigley – Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Can’t Stop”

#6 Ryan Miley – DJ Kool – “Let Me Clear My Throat”

#7 Michal Kvasnica – Kabat – “Dole v dole”

#8 Cody Glass – The Winterhawks captain was one of the players who provided some additional push-back on changing TNT, “Honestly, if someone asked me for a goal horn, I would say ‘TNT’ because it has been instilled in my head for years.”

However, if he was forced to change it he would pick either “Jump” by Van Halen or as a second choice, Team USA’s 2018 World Junior Team’s goal horn.

#9 Lane Gilliss – The 19-year-old agreed with Matthew Quigley and also chose “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

#11 Robbie Fromm-Delorme – Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That”

#12 Reece Newkirk – The 2019 NHL Draft eligible forward selected the “Boston Bruins for sure”

#14 Jake Gricius – He selected “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott; however, he was open to other ideas from Travis Scott

#15 John Ludvig – Soulja Boy Tell’em – “Crank That”

#17 Josh Paterson – Usher – “Yeah”

#20 Joachim Blichfeld – The San Jose Sharks signed prospect picked “All I do is Win” by DJ Khalad. However, he would request his goal song include the “Your hands up and they stay there part.”

#21 Brendan De Jong – The overage defenseman chose, “Chelsea Dagger from Chicago”. I would like to say I take no responsibility for getting this song stuck in your head the rest of the day.

#22 Jaydon Dureau – The player the most adamant about not changing the goal song saying, “Keep it! I never think about the song after we score, but I like the culture of TNT.”

#24 Seth Jarvis – The 16-year-old rookie chose a song familiar to those who watched Canada score in the 2018 World Juniors. The song is called “Hey Baby” by DJ Otzi.

#26 Mason Mannek – Migos – “Say Sum”

#27 Jared Freadrich – A song often heard before the start of a period in Portland, Jared’s choice was “Run This Town” by Jay-Z.

#29 Nick Cicek – While agreeing with many of his teammates choosing “Crank That” he made a specific mention to “YOU!”

#30 Joel Hofer – The choice from Joel was “Animals” by Martin Garrix, but specifically the portion from about 1:00-1:36 into the song. So make sure you click ahead to get exactly his selection.

#37 Haydn Delorme – Haydn agreed with Seth for “Hey Baby” but also answered with Travis Scott’s “Who? What!”

#58 Clay Hanus – Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train.”

#71 Cross Hanas – A classic choice of “We Will Rock You”, but Cross would prefer, “Cobras edition from Dodgeball.”

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