Thank you, DUBNetwork

December 8, 2018.

My very first published article (on any platform).

It included a rare trade nullification as well as Carter Hart’s first shutout in the professional ranks, thus beginning my journey with DUBNetwork.

It’s no secret now…DUBNetwork will not be continuing for the foreseeable future but before I get into that, a little background of my time with the website.

Back in 2018, I was attending almost every Vancouver Giants home game as my family had season tickets since the move to the Langley Events Centre and I kept thinking to myself that I feel like I could bring more to these games than just watching them from the stands.

I briefly started my own blog basically summarizing each game from my point of view and posting it on Twitter while tagging the likes of Steve Ewen, Bill Wilms, and the team itself in hopes of getting some form of acknowledgment from those who know the team best.

Shortly after, I stumbled across DUBNetwork on Twitter and gave them a direct message asking if they had anyone covering the Giants for them. They said they did not, but would like to see me try out the Daily Dose of the Dub first as I had almost no previous experience in hockey writing or media and then go from there.

Fast forward four months and the DN team liked what they were seeing from me and eventually were able to get me press credentials to attend the Giants’ games as media.

What a feeling.

My first game as a media member, I’ll never forget it.

March 1, 2019, and the Kelowna Rockets were in town, I was lucky enough to be accompanied by then-Rockets beat writer and current Medicine Hat Tigers beat writer Glen Erickson and Caden Fanshaw who has grown to be a good friend of mine over time.

Sitting next to BC Hockey Hall of Fame inductee Ernie “Punch” McLean wasn’t bad either…something that has happened on numerous occasions now.

I couldn’t tell you anything that happened during that game but what I remember most was when it came time for the post-game scrum, I was a deer in the headlights. I was scared absoluely s***less. I don’t think I said a word, I just soaked it all in and watched the likes of Dan O’Connor and Steve Ewen work their magic as they do on a nightly basis.

Fast forward to now, I have covered a WHL Championship series, a Giants game at Rogers Arena and a Canucks game as a media member. I’ve even done a Sports Journalism course at BCIT and I owe a lot of it to DUBNetwork.

I’ll put this bluntly: this sucks.

DUBNetwork has continued to grow over the years and, to my knowledge, is in good standing with all 22 WHL teams which is a sign of us being a respected source around the league. I’m not sure what the future holds for my now former writing colleagues, but for myself?

Podcasting, for now.

Some of you may know by now but I have created my own podcast named “Giant Thoughts: The Podcast” which the name is a spin-off of the brief column I had going before hockey stopped. This is something I am very excited about and want to be successful with.

I want to see where my podcast takes me. That means writing might go on the back burner for a short while but it is not something I’m done with by any means.

I cannot stress enough the respect and gratitude I have for Paul Figler and the DUBNetwork team for all the help and knowledge they have given me.

Paul took me on as some random from the internet and showed faith in me to be a part of his website and for that, I am forever thankful.

Who knows where I’d be if Paul said no…I’d probably still be watching games from the stands to be completely honest.

I’m so excited to take everything I’ve learned as a part of the DUBNetwork team with me wherever this hockey media thing goes and will never forget where it all started for me.

I have met some incredible people during my time with the site and have built many relationships that I’ll continue for years to come.

Support your local junior teams and your local writers, they appreciate it more than you know.

For those who have read, shared, retweeted, or liked any of my articles…

Thank you,

Stephen Hawco




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    December 8, 2018. My very first published article (on any platform). It included a rare trade nullification as well as Carter Hart’s first shutout in
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