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    Big thank you to Jeff Holick for putting together the stats regarding the attendance across the league. That’s always one of the things I am super interested in.

    I was wondering if anybody had thoughts regarding the poor attendance numbers league wide in the last few years.

    Personally I think of two main issues 1) the schedule 2) struggles in big markets

    I’m glad the league is cutting 4 games from the schedule, I would probably prefer even fewer, maybe a 60 game sched, though I don’t think that will ever happen. Frankly I’m amazed the league is going down at all. Also the over abundance of in division game; As a Blazers fan I am sick of seeing other BC teams after the first game of the year they play against each other.

    Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Portland will always be able to pull the numbers one way or the other depending on how those teams are doing just due to pure demographics.


    Mike Trafford

    Cost of living doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper for anyone, not a lot of disposable income left for most people. Entertainment is the easiest thing to cut in one’s budget, especially with the availability of inexpensive things like netflix for families. I know I have to be very conscious of budgeting throughout the year to be able to afford the 2 seasons tickets I have.
    Organizations need to be much more creative in their marketing strategies, possibly team up with local businesses, to make the product more appealing to everyone. Some teams do a pretty good job, others not so much.
    The schedule does play a factor I’m sure. People will get tired of the same teams so often. I would like to see the league go to what the NHL went back to, where every team plays every other team at least 2x in the season (1home 1away). Only getting to see some teams every couple of years is a bit disappointing.



    There are definitely more then just those two issues, those are my biggest two and I didn’t want to make the original post a novel. My third item would be the cost, every year tickets seem to go up at least a bit, and in a place like Kamloops, where the team has struggled with consistency on and off the ice for going on two decades, you look and think what the f*** am I paying more for.



    As a long time Chief’s fan one of the things I’ve noticed lately is that the WHL does nothing to promote the game in the US division. It’s been over a decade since hosting the Memorial Cup or any sort of all star game. Up north gets the Russians, Top Prospects and the like. Bobby Brett has done a good job in Spokane, and he did bring the outdoor game to town so I guess there’s that. Still, I’d like to see more assertive marketing and with the NHL coming to Seattle the league is going to need it. I don’t buy into the ‘different price points is going to save the Tips/Tbirds’ argument.

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