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    Paul Figler

    Now that the trade deadline has passed who have you got in the line-up as a 20-year-old for your team next year?



    Asked the same question a month or so into the season, I would have said that the Rebel’s overage players for next season would likely end up being Schuldhaus, Johnson and Lamb. Reichel will be playing pro hockey somewhere next season, and it seemed likely that Zablocki and Hagel would both be in the AHL.

    Now that the trade deadline has come and gone, and with it Schuldhaus and Zablocki, the overage player picture becomes a lot more interesting. Brandon Hagel has devolved from a consistent future pro scoring threat, to a future CIS playmaker in a matter of a few months, and is all but assured of being eligible for the WHL next season as an overage player. With the likely departure of one of Sass or Sakowich next season, as well as potentially the departure of Alexeyev, the Rebels are likely going to need the steady, but unspectacular play of Paradis on the blueline. Toss in next season’s captain, Reese Johnson, and you have your three overage players for next season.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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