2019 WHL Bantam Draft Rankings

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DraftGeek is a self-funded, social-media driven independent scouting service aiming to provide valuable insight and analysis on prospective junior hockey players, as well as promote the development and accolades of the players as they advance in their hockey careers.

They have graciously provided DUBNetwork with a sampling of their 2019 WHL Bantam Draft Rankings. To see the entire list, check out their site


  1. Matthew Savoie
  2. Koehn Ziemmer
  3. Keaton Dowhaniuk
  4. Nate Danielson
  5. Jordan Gustafson


  1. Nolan Flamand
  2. Kyren Gronick
  3. Carter Derenewsky
  4. Tye Spencer
  5. Hunter Mayo

British Columbia

  1. Brandon Lisowsky
  2. Mats Lindgren
  3. Connor Levis
  4. Jason Spizawka
  5. Matthew Ward


  1. Denton Mateychuk
  2. Conor Geekie
  3. Tyson Zimmer
  4. Josiah Bennett
  5. Daimon Gardner


  1. Nick Pierre
  2. Maddux Fleming
  3. Cruz Lucius
  4. Ryan Chesley
  5. Jimmy Clark