WHL in NHL Draft Rankings

 There are many, many NHL Draft Rankings that are available for hockey fans to view and it’s always interesting to see where WHL players rank.

There are roughly a dozen rankings that are reliable and updated on a regular basis.

Here are a few of those rankings that have been compiled and where they have WHL players rated.

Some even look ahead to 2019.

These do not include players who are on WHL protected lists and are playing outside the WHL.

Central Scouting Service


North American Skaters

14. Ty Smith Spokane
20. Jett Woo Moose Jaw
26. Alexander Alexeyev Red Deer
34. Calen Addison Lethbridge
40. Milos Roman Vancouver
52. Filip Kral Spokane
64. Kyle Topping Kelowna
72. Riley Sutter Everett
78. Cole Fonstad Prince Albert
79. Vladislav Yeryomenko Calgary
80. Kristian Reichel Red Deer
88. Riley Stotts Calgary
89. Luka Burzan Brandon
93. Eric Florchuk Saskatoon
95. Jackson Leppard Prince George
97. Ryan Peckford Moose Jaw
100. Egor Zamula Calgary
103. Chase Wouters Saskatoon
107. John Ludvig Portland
110. Libor Zabransky Kelowna
125. Justin Almeida Moose Jaw
142. Artyom Minulin Swift Current
144. Brodi Stuart Kamloops
156. Dawson Barteaux Red Deer
160. Ryan Chyzowski Medicine Hat
164. Cole Reinhardt Prince Albert
166. Brett Kemp Edmonton
169. Brad Ginnell Kootenay
170. Isaac Johnson Tri City
176. James Malm Vancouver
179. Wyatte Wylie Everett
181. Chase Hartje Brandon
184. Wyatt McLeod Edmonton
188. Reece Harsch Seattle
190. Alex Kannok-Leipert Vancouver
193. Emil Oksanen Regina
200. Carson Focht Calgary
203. Jacob Herauf Seattle
208. Dylan Plouffe Vancouver
216. Montana Onyebuchi Kamloops

North American Goalies

6. Joel Hofer Swift Current
8. David Tendeck Vancouver
22. Duncan McGovern Kootenay

Draft Site


8 Jett Woo D Moose Jaw (WHL)
10 Ty Smith D Spokane (WHL)
17 Alexander Alexeyev D Red Deer (WHL)
25 Calen Addison D Lethbridge (WHL)
49 Riley Sutter RW Everett (WHL)
60 Cole Fonstad C Prince Albert (WHL)
64 Luka Burzan C Brandon (WHL)
69 Eric Florchuk C Saskatoon (WHL)
70 Milos Roman C Vancouver (WHL)
72 Kyle Topping C Kelowna (WHL)
79 Brett Kemp C Edmonton  (WHL)
80 Ryan Peckford C Victoria  (WHL)
82 Chase Harttje D Brandon (WHL)
83 Filip Král  D Spokane (WHL)
99 Brodi Stuart LW Kamloops (WHL)
104 Ryan Chyzowski LW Medicine Hat (WHL)
126 Eli Zummack C Spokane (WHL)
128 Chase Wouters  LW Saskatoon (WHL)
132 Matthew Quigley D Portland (WHL)
133 Sergei Sapego D Prince Albert (WHL)
152 Dawson Barteaux D Red Deer (WHL)
153 Roman Kalinichenko D Tri-City (WHL)
154 Nicholas Bowman C Edmonton (WHL)
155 Tristen Nielsen C Calgary (WHL)
156 Jake Gricius C Portland (WHL)
157 Riley Stotts C Calgary (WHL)
159 Will Warm D Edmonton (WHL)
161 Jacob Herauf D Red Deer (WHL)
166 Michael King C Kootenay (WHL)
167 Martin Bodák D Kootenay (WHL)
168 Brett Leason C Tri-City (WHL)
171 Connor Dewar LW Everett (WHL)
172 Ilijah Colina C Prince George (WHL)
173 Andrei Pavlenko C Edmonton (WHL)
175 Vladislav Yeromenko D Calgary (WHL)
185 Bryan Lockner RW Medicine Hat (WHL)
187 Duncan McGovern G Kootenay (WHL)
192 Joel Craven D Medicine Hat (WHL)
193 Max Paddock G Regina (WHL)
194 Isaiah DiLaura G Prince George (WHL)
195 Wyatte Wylie D Everett (WHL)
196 Tyler Popowich C Vancouver (WHL)
201 Liam Kindree RW Kelowna (WHL)
206 Dakota Krebs D Calgary (WHL)
207 Jackson Leppard LW Prince George (WHL)
210 Ethan Cap D Edmonton (WHL)

Hockey Prospects



11 Ty Smith LD Spokane WHL
17 Calen Addison RD Lethbridge WHL
22 Jett Woo RD Moose Jaw WHL
27 Alexander Alexeeyev LD Red Deer WHL

International Scouting Service


10 Smith, Ty LD Spokane
22 Alexeyev, Alexander RD Red Deer
26 Woo, Jett RD Moose Jaw
27 Sutter, Riley RW Everett
29 Tychonick, Jonathan LD Penticton



8 Ty Smith D Spokane (WHL)
20 Jett Woo D Moose Jaw (WHL)
26 Calen Addison D Lethbridge (WHL)
31 Alexander Alexeyev D Red Deer (WHL)

Future Considerations


7 Smith, Ty Spokane WHL D
23 Woo, Jett Moose Jaw WHL D
38 Addison, Calen Lethbridge WHL D
41 Alexeeyev, Alexander Red Deer WHL D
49 Fonstad, Cole Prince Albert WHL RW
53 Sutter, Riley Everett WHL RW
57 Roman, Milos Vancouver WHL C
68 Kral, Filip Spokane WHL D
82 Florchuk, Eric Saskatoon WHL C
99 Wouters, Chase Saskatoon WHL C

Sportsnet   Jeff Marek


14. Ty Smith D    Spokane Chiefs WHL
17. Jett Woo D    Moose Jaw Warriors WHL
29. Calen Addison D    Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL

Sportsnet   Sam Cosentino


12. Ty Smith D    Spokane Chiefs WHL
22. Jett Woo D    Moose Jaw Warriors WHL
28. Alexander Alexeyev D    Red Deer Rebels WHL

The Hockey News


9. Ty Smith D Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
15. Jett Woo D Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)

TSN   Craig Button


 18 Ty Smith Spokane (WHL)
21 Jett Woo Moose Jaw (WHL)
39 Calen Addison Lethbridge (WHL)
42 Alexander Alexeyev Red Deer (WHL)
56 Luka Burzan Moose Jaw (WHL)
73 Riley Sutter Everett (WHL)


2. Bowen Byram D Vancouver (WHL)
3. Dylan Cozens RW Lethbridge (WHL)
7. Kirby Dach C Saskatoon (WHL)
10. Matthew Robertson D Edmonton (WHL)
15. Peyton Krebs C Kootenay (WHL)
17. Sasha Mutala RW Tri-City (WHL)
19. Nolan Foote LW Kelowna (WHL)

TSN   Bob McKenzie


8. Ty Smith   Defence | Spokane (WHL)
18. Jett Woo  Defence | Moose Jaw (WHL)

The Hockey Writers


7 Ty Smith D Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
18 Jett Woo D Moose Jaw Warriors (WHL)
25 Calen Addison D Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL)
30 Alexander Alexeyev D Red Deer Rebels (WHL)
41 Riley Sutter RW Everett Silvertips (WHL)
43 Libor Zabransky D Kelowna Rockets (WHL)
50 Cole Fonstad C Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
55 Filip Kral D Spokane Chiefs (WHL)
60 Milos Roman C Vancouver Giants (WHL)


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