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Tarun Fizer finding his game with the Victoria Royals

Tarun Fizer continues to develop his game for the Victoria Royals.

In his second full year with in the Western Hockey League, the native of Chestermere, Alberta has a key role with the club.

Fizer is eligible for this year’s NHL Draft and continues to progress a more complete game, combining speed with solid defensive play.

With 34 points (13 goals, 21 assists) in 68 games for Victoria, Fizer built on a rookie season last year that saw him play his best hockey in the playoffs against the Vancouver Giants. “Last year’s playoffs were a big step in my career,” said Fizer. “I think I had two goals all year and then I had two goals in 11 playoff games.”

(photo-Portland Winterhawks/Chad Baker)

Royals Head Coach Dan Price agreed that his young forward has improved. “It has been a huge development year for Tarun. Coming into this year, we forget sometimes that he’s 17-year-old, as he plays more like an 18 or 19-year-old in the league. He’s got a big responsibility with us, playing a two-way role and often against really good players on opposing team’s first and second lines.”

While not willing to admit he is the fastest skater on the team, Fizer acknowledged that speed is a key part of his overall game. “I wouldn’t say as if I’m the fastest because we haven’t really tested that. But I like to say my biggest strength is my skating.”

Tarun Fizer checks Edmonton’s Aidan Lawson (Andy Devlin)

As part of his development, Fizer looked to improve on his defensive game. “Coming into this year, I felt my defensive game had to improve a lot and I’ve gotten better defensively every game. When you play good defense, that’s when you can get the chances to produce offense.”

Price echoes the teaching that defense creates offense. “Fizer is fast and physical. He’s got tremendous amount of speed while being aware and responsible. When you put yourself in good positions defensively, you tend to have the puck and you tend to be attacking.”

“Not only that, but you’ve earned the coaches trust. So you’re on the ice quite a bit,” said Price.

As for the NHL Draft, Fizer is focused on playing his game. “It weighed on me at the start of the year because I thought about it all the time.  Now it’s just in the back of my mind and I’m playing the game that I know I can play and hopefully the scouts see it up in the stands.”


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