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Future Giants: Christian Kim


The Vancouver Giants selected Christian Kim in the seventh round of the 2020 Bantam Draft. The Torrance, California native is a highly skilled playmaker who can slow down the game to find open teammates. Although Kim is smaller sized at 5-foot-6, he uses his high hockey IQ to set up teammates in the offensive zone. Kim is an intriguing prospect and could be used as a powerplay setup man for the Giants in the future.

Play Style:

Christian is a playmaker who uses his knowledge on the ice to find open teammates and create open ice for himself. His coach, Alex Kim has watched Christian since he was nine and raves about his hockey IQ. “He has a good sense of where to be and what to do with the puck. Offensively, his skill set is very elite. He can handle the puck well and shoot it well.” Says Kim. Christian is an offensive threat when on the ice, which is why he put up 47 points in 41 in his 13-year-old season.


Christian’s biggest strength is how he thinks of the game and can translate that on the ice. Putting yourself into scoring positions is a key attribute that some Christian’s age haven’t fully developed. High hockey IQ also is a contributing factor to why Christian’s passing is such an asset. Not just making the pass but making a crisp pass to set up your teammates in scoring positions is a difficult skill to master. Moving around to change angles and allowing his teammates to get open are all skills that make a player dangerous. This is an important trait in the WHL as you do not get a lot of time to make a play. Playing the game at a high speed will be beneficial for Christian in the future.


Confidence in shooting the puck is one aspect of Kim’s game that he needs to develop. Coach Kim explains that this will come with more development and time. Kim has a great shot but just has to build up that confidence to shoot more. He is already an offensive threat so the addition of that shot will make him even more dangerous in the offensive zone.

Anaheim Jr Ducks:

The Anaheim Jr Ducks organization is one of the organizations recognized by USA Hockey as a Model Association. This is a designation given by US Hockey that the organization is meeting or exceeding the high standards for player development. Their girls’ and boys’ teams have had great success when it comes to their alumni. Some of their most recent alumni include Cam York, Cayla Barnes, Annie Pankowski, and Ryan Johnson. The organization ensures the development of the players on and off the ice by teaching the kids integrity and disciple away from the ice. They also push the kids to ensure they have high work ethics and put 100% into everything they do.


Kim is an elite passer who could be a key powerplay player in the future. He is on the smaller size right now at 5-foot-6 but he is still growing and developing physically. If Christian can add that shot to his game, he could make a push to make the Giants in the next few seasons. The Giants have a lot of scoring talent coming in the next few seasons. Now they need someone to get them the puck, and Christian could be that player.

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      The Vancouver Giants selected Christian Kim in the seventh round of the 2020 Bantam Draft. The Torrance, California native is a highly skilled
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