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Future Giants: Brady Smith


Brady Smith was drafted in the sixth round of the 2020 Bantam Draft. The 6-foot-3, 161-pound defenceman currently plays for the Swift Current Legionnaires U-18 under head coach Chris Keleher. Smith is only 15 years old, so he has at least a year to go before making the Giants full-time. If he can add size and continue to develop, he could be a big part of the Giants in the future.

Play Style:

Smith is a right-shot defenceman who can play in all zones on the ice. His height is a major factor in his game as it allows him to reach in and get the puck away from opponents. Smith is also a great skater who can contribute offense if needed. He isn’t the strongest player out there but that will come with time and development. At only 15, Brady has the potential to be a very special player in the future.


Smith is a tall defenseman with a great reach. According to coach Keleher, Brady’s skating is one of his biggest strengths. Usually, players his size have issues getting around the ice, but this is a part of Brady’s game he has worked. Smith also has the ability to bring some offensive from the blueline. Size is also a key part of Brady’s game. If Brady can add some strength to his game that matches his 6-foot-3 frame, he could be extremely difficult to play against. If Brady continues on the path that he is on, we could see Smith in a Giants jersey as soon as the 2021-2022 season.


Smith needs to work on the speed of the game. At the U-18 level, the game is faster and more physical than some players are used to. Smith, at 15, still has a lot to learn but is trending in the right direction. Smith needs to put on some weight in order to have success. He can then be more physical, and separate players from the puck easier. If he continues to develop and work on the speed of the game, Brady could be a force on the blueline in the coming seasons.

Swift Current Legionnaires U-18:

The Legionnaires have a long history of success. The team ensures players do as well on the ice as off. By creating a program that focuses not only on skill development but work in the classroom, the Legionnaires set their players up for success later on in life. They also have a few notable alumni such as Patrick Marleau, Zack Smith, and Kole Lind. This is a great organization that will help Brady Smith develop into a great player.


Due to Brady’s age, he can only be offered a trial this season. Smith possesses great size which the Giants desperately need on their right side. If Smith can add some weight, he has a decent shot to make the team as a 16-year-old. The WHL is a difficult league and you need to be physically strong to play, especially as a defenceman. Brady Smith has all the tools to be a great player for the Giants. It will be interesting to see how he develops this coming season, as well as at training camp with the Giants in 2021. Smith could be another late-round Bantam Draft steal for the Giants and a big part of the blue line moving forward.

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      Brady Smith was drafted in the sixth round of the 2020 Bantam Draft. The 6-foot-3, 161-pound defenceman currently plays for the Swift Current L
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