Glen Erickson joins us talking Kamloops VS Kelowna, & beyond

Glen Erickson with Dub Network & the Kelowna Daily Courier stops by to break down the Blazers / Rockets series, as it hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype.  We also look at the rest of the WHL playoff series after 2 games, & take a trip down memory lane to the “wild wild west”



Chad Balcom

Chad discovered hockey during the 1994 NHL playoffs & was hooked right away. He discovered junior hockey in the form of his hometown USHL team. After moving to Portland in 2005, he's been a dedicated WHL fan ever since. During the 2013 WHL playoffs, he began writing for Cell Phones & Plane Tickets. The Pucklandia Podcast was born to start the 2014 WHL playoffs, & has been fortunate to have great guests.