Playoff Predictor Pool

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First the Rules (Sorry we gotta have a few!)

Pick the amount of games in each series. Points are given for each game off. All teams will be divided into 4 divisions selected at random 1 hour before the beginning of the 1st round. After the 2nd round the remaining participants will be put into 2 conferences and then 1 grouping for the final.


Series Prediction: 4-2

Series Actual : 4-1 = 1point ,  2-4 = 4points

Points double in 2nd Round

Points triple in 3rd Round

Points 4x in Final


Tie Breaker: before start of Finals predict the amount of goals scored in series.

Tie Breaker: pick the team that scores the most in the playoffs and how much

Tie Breaker: before start of Finals predict the player who scores the Championship winning goal

DUBNetwork employees may play but they will not be eligible for prizes.

Registration is limited to 400 entries!

You must have a valid e-mail address to participate, and receive prizes.


The winner of their division in the second round will receive a copy of Draft Geek’s NHL Draft Guide when it is published!

3rd place will receive a pair of tickets to a game of their choosing (regular season games only)

2nd place will receive a 9″ X 12″ portrait of any WHL player of their choice by Wendy Fang of

1st place will receive a Jersey of their choice with name and number from any WHL team currently available through that team’s team store.

Registration is Currently Open!

Playoff Predictor Pool


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