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    Who’s everyone’s underdog…. Im picking Vancouver to take a couple rounds.


    I agree with you and people might think I am a homer but Red Deer COULD walk out of the Central Division.


    Mike Trafford

    Who’s everyone’s underdog…. Im picking Vancouver to take a couple rounds.

    If Tendeck is healthy I’m with you … if he’s not I’m not so sure. BWK could go far through the Central.



    Chief’s are finally back at full strength with Fishtank back. Damage will be done


    Well…. so much for that prediction!

    Royals make it through.



    Royals to lose to the Americans.



    Victoria is good, solid offensive core with Phillips leading it and Outhouse plays pretty clutch when they need him, tough loss for Van in 7 though. Tri-city is firing on all cylinders and VIC is gonna have to come out the gates hot. Probably see big games from the regulars but secondary guys will have to play good shut down hockey on both sides. I am a MJ Warrior die hard so I take my boys in the second round, I think we out play Swift every time (maybe I am bias, who knows). Our forecheck was weak in round 1 and some of our top producers havent busted out yet. Its like Tim Hunter says though “Thats the great thing about hockey, you get a chance to go out and redeem yourself again te next time you hit the ice”. They didn’t go into the first round with something to prove and I think that bit their ass. I think we will see a different Warrior squad this round and HOPEFULLY our goalie coach has been doing his job… PA was really hot going into the first round, we snapped a 9 game win streak for them in a shootout victory in the 3rd last game of the regular season. Probably Wilms best game all year. The only series I can’t say for sure I am confident in who will win is the BWK vs LET…two teams with alot of offensive talent and some real hard workers between the pipes. EVT vs POR will be a war too, Carter Hart is a beast and POR will need to be next level to snipe on that guy…at the end of the day though GO WARRIORS GO 🔥🔥🔥 #WEWANTSWIFT

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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