Seattle Thunderbirds draft overview

Seattle Thunderbirds Draft Overview

Seattle really didn’t have a whole lot of picks to work with in the draft. Through the first 10 rounds they made eight selections including two in the 10th. They really took players who compete hard and have power in their games. We like how they went with two fairly raw big defenders in their first three picks. In their forwards they added guys who compete hard, work in corners and will work to win games for their teams.

First Round Selection

Payton Mount (19th Overall) – Mount has been a top player in this class since day one. He has proven that even though he was on a top team in Western Canada, that when put to the test he has the ability to drive a line and make players around him better. Mount plays a heavy two-way game and possesses real power in his skating and shots. He is skilled, hard to knock of the puck and is a guy who supports the play well. We like his upside as a top line guy who plays a versatile role.

Notable Selections

Tyrel Bauer (41st Overall) – A guy who really developed as this year progressed. He is a big right handed two-way defender who has a great hockey sense and transitional game. He is steady on the back end and poised with the puck. Bauer’s a real raw two-way defender with top-four upside at the WHL level.

Luke Bateman (85th Overall) – A rangy athletic defender who plays a reliable and well thought out defensive game. He uses his frame and reach well to separate man from the puck. He also clogs passing lanes, creates turnovers and dominates one-on-one battles. We think he has the ability to be a versatile defensive defenseman.

Greg Nelson (139th Overall) – Nelson is coming off of a great year with the Camrose Red Wings where he became a top scoring option and worked hard to get to see his name said on draft day. He’s a real hard working skilled player who plays the game at a high pace. He finds dead spots well in the offensive zone and has good power behind his stride. His edge work allows him to change direction quickly and be a threat around the net. We think he has a good presence around the net and is someone who could play a depth role on a WHL team.

Ty Marcinkowski (173rd Overall) – Marcinkowski has had two solid seasons in Camrose, where he was the primary option in net for both season. He isn’t the biggest of goalies but reads the ice well and has shown that he can save games for a team. He’s good on his angles, real mobile and quick in his crease. Marcinkowski’s a raw goalie who could make an impact at the next level.


We think that Seattle took a solid, versatile draft class with guys who should crack the WHL lineup. There is good rawness and potential in all the guys they took. We would not be surprised if they were to have a guy come out of nowhere and make a real impact at the WHL level.