Potential playoff matchups – Movement in the East

With 28 days to go in the Western Hockey League schedule, it is time to start looking at the potential match-ups as the season closes and heads towards the coveted Ed Chynoweth Cup. Regina owns the first birth in the Memorial Cup, the playoffs will determine who is the WHL representative in the final tournament of the season.

Western Conference Matchups

#1 Seed U.S. Division Leaders Everett Silvertips vs. 2nd Wild Card Seattle Thunderbirds

Everett Silvertips 59GP 37-17-2-3 79 Points Remaining Games: 5H-8A Home: Blazers, Chiefs, Rockets, Thunderbirds, Royals Away: Chiefs, Giants, Thunderbirds, Giants, Thunderbirds, Winterhawks, Americans, Royals

Seattle Thunderbirds 57GP 28-20-7-2 64 Points Remaining Games: 8H-7A Home: Chiefs, Silvertips, Giants, Winterhawks, Americans, Chiefs, Silvertips, Winterhawks Away: Americans, Rockets, Winterhawks, Silvertips, Chiefs, Winterhawks, Americans

Head-to-head: Everett posts a 3-1-0-2 record while Seattle is 3-2-1-0. They have three games remaining, one in Everett and two more in Seattle.


#2 Seed B.C. Division Leaders Kelowna Rockets vs. 1st Wild Card Tri-City Americans

Kelowna Rockets 59GP 35-18-4-2 76 Points Remaining Games: 8H-5A Home: Cougars, Thunderbirds, Blazers, Chiefs, Giants, Blazers, Cougars, Giants Away: Cougars, Cougars, Silvertips, Blazers, Giants

Tri-City Americans 58GP 29-21-7-1 66 Points Remaining Games: 11H-3A Home: Thunderbirds, Blazers, Cougars, Winterhawks, Chiefs, Winterhawks, Giants, Giants, Silvertips, Chiefs, Silvertips Away: Thunderbirds, Winterhawks, Chiefs

Head-to-head: Kelowna and Tri-City own matching 2-1-1-0 records. The teams have no remaining games head-to-head



#2 U.S. Division Portland Winterhawks vs. #3 U.S. Division Spokane Chiefs

Portland Winterhawks 58GP 35-19-1-3 74 Points Remaining Games: 6H-8A Home: Blazers, Thunderbirds, Americans, Silvertips, Thunderbirds, Chiefs Away: Royals, Royals, Americans, Americans, Thunderbirds, Cougars, Cougars, Thunderbirds

Spokane Chiefs 57GP 32-20-3-2 69 Points Remaining Games: 6H-9A Home: Silvertips, Cougars, Ice, Giants, Thunderbirds, Americans Away: Thunderbirds, Silvertips, Americans, Rockets, Royals, Royals, Thunderbirds, Americans, Winterhawks

Head-to-head: Portland owns a 5-2-0-0 record versus Spokane, the Chiefs are 2-5-0-0. The teams have one remaining game on the last day of the season in Portland.



#2 B.C. Divison Victoria Royals vs. #3 B.C. Division Vancouver Giants

Victoria Royals 61GP 35-21-3-2 75 Points Remaining Games: 7H-4A Home: Winterhawks, Winterhawks, Chiefs, Chiefs, Cougars, Cougars, Silvertips Away: Blazers, Cougars, Cougars, Silvertips

Vancouver Giants 58GP 31-19-5-3 70 Points Remaining Games: 6H-8A Home: Rebels, Silvertips, Blazers, Blazers, Silvertips, Rockets Away: Thunderbirds, Blazers, Rockets, Americans, Chiefs, Americans, Blazers, Rockets

Head-to-head: The Royals are 7-3-0-0 against the Giants, while the Giants record is 3-5-1-1. They have played out their season series.


Outside Looking In:

Kamloops Blazers 59GP 26-28-1-4 57 points. The team trails Seattle by 8 points with 2 less games left to play. They are also 13 points behind the Giants for 3rd in the B.C. Division. Remaining games: 5H-8A Home: Royals, Giants, Rockets, Giants, Cougars Away: Silvertips, Winterhawks, Americans, Rockets, Giants, Giants, Rockets, Cougars

Prince George Cougars 58GP 20-30-4-4 48 points. The team trails Seattle by 17 points with 1 less game left to play. They are also 22 points behind the Giants for 3rd in the B.C. Division. Remaining Games: 7H-7A Home: Rockets, Rockets, Royals, Royals, Blazers Away: Rockets, Chiefs, Americans, Royals, Royals, Rockets, Blazers

Eastern Conference Matchups

#1 Seed East Division Leaders Moose Jaw Warriors vs. 2nd Wild Card Saskatoon Blades

Moose Jaw Warriors 56GP 43-10-1-2 89 Points Remaining Games: 7H-9A Home: Pats, Blades, Hurricanes, Broncos, Wheat Kings, Raiders, Wheat Kings Away: Pats, Wheat Kings, Broncos, Blades, Hurricanes, Ice, Wheat Kings, Raiders, Wheat Kings

Saskatoon Blades 59GP 29-27-2-1 61 Points Remaining Games: 7H-6A Home: Pats, Warriors, Huricanes, Oil Kings, Hitmen, Wheat Kings, Raiders Away: Hitmen, Oil Kings, Warriors, Wheat Kings, Broncos, Raiders

Head-to-head: Moose Jaw is 3-1-0-0 against Saskatoon this season, with the Blades owning a 1-2-1-0 records against the Warriors. They each have a home game left against the other team.



#2 Seed Central Division Leaders Medicine Hat Tigers vs. 1st Wild Card Regina Pats

Medicine Hat Tigers 60GP 29-24-7-0 65 Points Remaining Games: 7H-5A Home: Ice, Wheat Kings, Rebels, Pats, Oil Kings, Hitmen, Hurricanes Away: Ice, Oil Kings, Ice, Rebels, Hurricanes

Regina Pats 60GP 30-24-5-1 66 Points Remaining Games: 3H-9A Home: Warriors, Raiders, Broncos Away: Warriors, Raiders, Blades, Warriors, Hitmen, Oil Kings, Tigers, Ice, Hurricanes, Broncos

Head-to-head: Medicine Hat is 1-2-0-0 against the Pats, and Regina’s record is 2-1-0-0. The teams have a game remaining, in Medicine Hat on March 6th.



#2 East Division Swift Current Broncos vs. #3 East Division Brandon Wheat Kings

Swift Current Broncos 60GP 42-13-4-1 89 Points Remaining Games: 6H-6A Home: Warriors, Raiders, Wheat Kings, Hitmen, Blades, Pats Away: Rebels, Oil Kings, Hitmen, Wheat Kings, Warriors, Pats

Brandon Wheat Kings 58GP 31-22-3-2 67 Points Remaining Games: 6H-8A Home: Warriors, Warriors, Hurricanes, Broncos, Blades, Warriors Away: Hurricanes, Tigers, Hitmen, Raiders, Blades, Warriors, Warriors

Head-to-head: Swift Current is 3-1-2-0 against the Wheat Kings while Brandon is 3-3-0-0. They have two head-to-head games remaining, each team plays host one time.


#2 Central Division Lethbridge Hurricanes vs. #3 Central Division Red Deer Rebels

Lethbridge Hurricanes 58GP 28-24-6-0 62 Points Remaining Games: 6H-8A Home: Raiders, Wheat Kings, Warriors, Rebels, Pats, Tigers Away: Ice, Blades, Raiders, Wheat Kings, Warriors, Oil Kings, Rebels, Tigers

Red Deer Rebels 59GP 20-26-10-3 51 points Remaining Games: 7H-6A Home: Raiders, Broncos, Hitmen, Ice, Tigers, Hurricanes, Ice Away: Giants, Hitmen, Tigers, Hitmen, Hurricanes, Ice.

Head-to-head: Lethbridge is 4-0-0-0 against the Rebels this season, Red Deer has pushed the games to extra time twice and are 0-2-1-1. They each host one game against the other.

Outside Looking In:

Prince Albert Raiders 58GP 23-24-9-2 57 points The team trails Saskatoon by 4 points for the final wild card spot with a game in hand and Regina by 9 points for the 1st wild card spot. Remaining Games: 7H-7A Home: Pats, Wheat Kings, Hurricanes, Oil Kings, Warriors, Hitmen, Blades Away: Hurricanes, Rebels, Oil Kings, Broncos, Warriors, Pats, Blades.

Kootenay Ice 60GP 25-32-3-0 53 Points Remaining Games: 6H-6A Home: Hurricanes, Tigers, Warriors, Tigers, Pats, Rebels Away: Tigers, Chiefs, Rebels,Oil Kings, Hitmen, Rebels

Edmonton Oil Kings 58GP 17-33-5-2 43 points The Oil Kings are 10 points back of the Ice/Rebels for third in the Central Division. They trail Saskatoon by 18 points for the final wild card spot. Remaining Games: 9H-6A Home: Blades, Raiders, Broncos, Tigers, Hitmen, Pats, Ice, Hurricanes, Hitmen Away: Hitmen, Blades, Raiders, Tigers, Hitmen.

Calgary Hitmen 56GP 17-32-5-2 41 points The Hitmen is 12 points back of the Ice/Rebels for third in the Central. They trail Saskatoon by 20 points for the final wild card spot. Remaining Games: 9H-7A Home: Blades, Rebels, Oil Kings, Wheat Kings, Broncos, Pats, Rebels, Ice, Oil Kings Away: Rebels, Oil Kings, Broncos, Blades, Raiders, Tigers, Oil Kings.


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